Millenial Learning Company

Sandbox & Co is a strategic operator of businesses that are changing the way children learn & play

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Sandbox & Co. was conceived by a team of media & education experts to assemble & strategically operate a suite of products & services that make learning fun.

Our Goal

Engage. Entertain. Educate.

Our Belief

Greatness Demands Reinvention

Our Talent

Collaborative And Demanding

Our Journey

Riding digital transformation, building millennial-worthy personalisation we are steadily building a formidable portfolio of learning-first products

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Solving Big Problems

With family, friends and loved ones who have young children, we’re familiar with a common, yet profound problem when it comes to balancing kids’ screen time: what is the nature of content our children are engaging with? Furthermore, is it safe?

Sandbox and Co was founded to solve this problem. We started with a deep understanding that instead of shying away from digital media we can use its silver edge of personalisation and interactive experiences (that kids love) to enhance deep learning whilst providing parents with a dashboard which allows control without intrusion.

Instigators, Provocateurs, Doers.

Our people make us
who we are.


Sandbox & Co is the Management company for Sandbox Partners who are long-term capital investors in each of these portfolio companies.

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