Super-Serving the
Millenial Family

Curation, personalisation & interactive-delivery is key to future-ready learning products & services

Millennial’s already make up the biggest cohort of parents in most countries and are spending exponentially more for all things Learning. More so, their digital consumption is significantly higher per capita than all other generations and yet currently underserved with regards engaged learning content.

Fundamentally different to all others in their consumption and preferences. At the heart of it lies the millennial’s innate natural ability to think of digital and analogue experiences as seamless. This in turn leads to their desire for curated, customised experiences in all products and services they consume.

At Sandbox, we have a deep understanding of millennial behaviour particularly as parents and we’ve used our insight to create a portfolio of products which are platform agnostic, high-engagement and above all replaces broad strokes with niche impact.

Why it matters

Preparing our kids for the world of tomorrow

65% of kids born after 2010 will grow up to work in industries which do not even exist today and in some cases are yet to be imagined. Furthermore, 50% of all labor-intensive jobs globally will be automated before 2030.

In the wake of artificial intelligence and automation, which skills will our children need to excel in the world of tomorrow? An even bigger question is how do we train them?

On one hand this digital native generation learns & interacts completely differently from any generation before it and on the other our education system is pretty much the same for close to a hundred years, barely re-packaging it’s archaic format in the name of innovation. Not much different from asking a group of astronauts to search & win new worlds’ at the back of a horse carriage. It’s just not going to work.

New generation learning has to embrace digital disruption to deliver true innovation & relevance.
The solution lies in combining media with learning.

Media and Learning

Blurring Lines

Our Insightful Approach

Entertainment by design, learning by stealth

A Winning Strategy

Engage. Entertain. Educate.

Sandbox has been assembling businesses that delight digital native kids and their millennial parents across all digital touch points.

We work with companies that have strong growth potential under exploited assets and help build series of complimentary verticals in content, platforms and brands.

Our Aim


Across Sandbox, and its products, the number one goal is to focus on a “whole child” approach. Working along-side top educators we are combining 21st century skill-sets with cutting edge technology, gamification & personalization across our suite of products to accelerate deep learning outcome.