Our Portfolio

Welcome to our high-engagement, learning-first suite of businesses that are changing the way children learn and play.

Advantage Sandbox

Once a product joins the Sandbox family, it gets the benefit of cross-promotions with fellow Sandbox services that are complementary, and have wider distribution access across the US, Europe, ME and APAC as well as direct stakeholder insights from teachers, parents, investors, and distributors.

As a management company, our model is to combine our macro thinking and formidable distribution access with the passion and commitment of a management team which leads the businesses we invest in. It is no surprise therefore that most of our portfolio products are already well established as leaders among their respective categories with others on their way.

CoolmathGames.com, CoolMath.com

Learning games for all ages and stages


Coolmath.com offers “math for ages 13-100” — explanations that are easy to grasp on topics like algebra, pre-calculus and more.

Coolmath Games

This is our brain-training site, for everyone, where logic & thinking meet fun & games.


Adventure & learning based game for 6-12

A story-based innovative, engaging and influential virtual realm for kids (6-12 years old). An online and mobile gaming experience requires kids to navigate tasks on a broad collection of themed islands which encourages an informal learning of art, history, culture, sciences and other subjects.

Curious World

Skill-based  Edutainment  Platform  for  Children ages 2-7

Curious World is an edutainment platform that delivers hundreds of fun and education videos, games, and books to kids ages 2-7. Every piece of content is mapped to one or more of eight key learning areas, which are designed to help ensure your children are prepared for kindergarten and beyond !


Pre-school learning app

Hopster is a ‘Play and Learn’ platform with curated shows, songs and learning games for kids aged 2-6, offered in an ad-free & kids-safe environment. The #1 grossing kids app in the UK and app of the year 2014, 15 & 16, it is available on Android, iOS and Apple TV.


STEM Toys for 4-12

Since 2012, Tinybop has been building a library of mobile award-winning educational STEM apps loved by millions of families worldwide. Schools around the world have downloaded more than 1 million Tinybop apps. Aligned with global curriculums and localized in 40+ languages, these apps introduce kids to science concepts with hands-on models built for experimentation.

Teachers have long been Tinybop’s most passionate advocates because its apps engage students and bring classrooms to life. Rather than listening to a lecture about beating hearts, tornados, or earthquakes, kids can now experiment with them to understand the invisible forces that shape our world — an experience teachers and students describe as magical.

Info Please & Fact Monster

Learning resources portals

Web-based, advertising-led, free-to-user products InfoPlease and FactMonster offer curated reference materials in excess of 500K pages combined.  In contrast to Wikipedia, InfoPlease and FactMonster obtain content from known third party information sources, providing channel for information for kids that can be trusted.

Family Education

Millennial parenting destination

A leading learning resource for parents, Family Education offers a wide assortment of parenting advice for children of all ages through slideshows, activities, tips and information.


Resources portal for Educators

For more than 15 years, TeacherVision has equipped K-12 educators with expertly-curated teaching resources designed to help their students succeed.

Visited monthly by more than one-third of all teachers in the United States, TeacherVision is a go-to destination for busy educators who want to extend and supplement existing curriculum with high-value resources that enhance instruction, improve student outcomes, and make managing the classroom interesting and fun.

Super Awesome

Kids focused Tech & Monetization platform

An award-winning technology that enables the kids’ Internet. Used by hundreds of brands and content owners, SuperAwesome products provide safe digital engagement with almost half a billion kids every month. Certified COPPA-compliant and fully consistent with the GDPR-K, it maintains the highest data privacy compliance standard of any company operating in the kids sector.

Sandbox & Co is the Management company for Sandbox Partners who are long-term capital investors in each of these portfolio companies.